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A New Comedy Series in Development

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Cristina has always been career driven and now she’s considering pregnancy. She is over the moon for her boyfriend, Bryan, but he already has two kids and can’t have anymore. Does she really want a baby? And if so, will she have to choose it over Bryan?

Tiffany has a loving relationship with Martin. They’re getting married because it’s time to start a family. But Tiffany is secretly terrified a baby will ruin their happy life and her perfect vagina. Will her decision to wait jeopardize their marriage? And will she be able to get pregnant later?

With the big city sisterhood of Sex & The City and the tone of Catastrophe, this fertility driven comedy asks the question...when your clock is ticking, can you afford to hit snooze?


Cristina, Judy, and Tiffany in their mid-thirties are the best of friends. Although they are still considered hot in a manscape of aging hipsters and lumbersexuals, their eggs are considered geriatric. Now they must answer the biggest question every woman face...

to breed or not to breed?

Judy has baby on the brain night and day and would make a perfect mom. But her douche-bag boyfriend, Leo, can’t even commit to the words “I love you”. Can she turn Leo into a suitable baby daddy? Or find the right guy in time to have the family of her dreams?