What’s Next for TICK TOCK Series?

We have a full sizzle, pitch packet, pilot script, second episode script, series arc, and first season arc ready to go! 

Now, we are on the hunt for the right platform!

Know who might be right for us? 
Email us at Info@TickTockSeries.com.

The TICK TOCK girls on the Sissy Gamache show!
We had the great pleasure of being the guests for Sissy Gamache on MNN! Find out how TICK TOCK was born and what inspired us to write about the biological clock. 
Read about this episode here:

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When your clock is ticking, can you afford to hit snooze?
The TICK TOCK Sizzle Selected for the Katra Film Series!
Our full sizzle screened at the Katra Film Series on June 22nd! We were honored to be a part of this successful series of short Indie Films & Sizzles!
The TICK TOCK Sizzle Selected for Boardwalk Film Festival!
We are honored to have had our sizzle selected to screen in the Future Features program of the Boardwalk Film Festival last September! http://www.boardwalkfilm.com/shapeimage_7_link_0

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Tick Tock’s Team is on the MOVE!
Our pilot script grabbed the attention of Al Roker Entertainment to help us find the right home for our series. And we are on the lookout, too! If you’re interested, email us!